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Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Diet Time...

that when I am trying on my in-laws wet suite tops and my husband comfortably fits in my mother-in-laws top and I fit in my father-in-laws, it is time for me to lose a substantial amount of weight. *sigh*
I am focusing on mostly vegetarian without carbs, while maintaining my restricted sugar/eggs diet that I've been doing for the past year or so. 
1 week in? Gained a pound. 
(I say this after having gone to a grad party and ate a piece of cake, had some ice-cream, and a pop. I think is classifies today as a "loss")
Current weight: 159.6 lbs
Goal: 140 lbs
I'll be following the flat belly diet plan with some modifications. I will be exercising (rock climbing) so I don't plan on doing this with diet alone. 
I'm posting so I make myself have accountability. It's discouraging being the largest one by a substantial amount of weight (I just don't have the killer fast metabolism, ridiculous amounts of self-control, and the vanity of needing to be thin).
Healthy and curvy? Yes. Love it. What I don't love is having most of my pants so tight it hurts the fat around my stomach before 9:15 am hits.