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Friday, August 28, 2009

Meeting with Mrs. O

So today I met with the wonderful Mrs. O. It was so delightful meeting her for the first time, despite having gone to Wheaton together. And her small baby is darling! The chubby cheeks on that little man are so cute. It was very refreshing to see/talk to someone who was down to earth. Hoorah for being 'fun-employed.' The chocolate hazelnut coffee was pretty delicious (if I can say that despite not being a coffee connoisseur) as was the scone (which I can speak with authority). Maybe a little dry, but very lemon-poppy-y. Mmmm... Now I am inspired to bake delicious tasting things. But then I think of how it will go straight to my thighs and stomach, and then it seems slightly less appealing.

Yesterday I started in on the unenviable task of weeding one of the weed patches - but I wondered if it was really worth it since we are thinking of putting in a patio. Or maybe a deck. How ambitious. But then I was thankful that Spencer dealt with the two carcasses that had been in our lawn (a dead squirrel in the front found when he mowed the lawn) and a dead bird that was in our weed patch. I found that one on wednesday. Normally you would think that the bird would die by running into a window. But there were no windows there - so I suppose that would be natural selection at its finest: a bird that runs into the side of a house (no reflection) should die. According to Darwin.

Now I am sitting in my first fantasy football draft. Ever. And I have money riding on it. A lot. Could be interesting. I hope I win. Probably won't. It was pretty entertaining... Just finished. I think my brother thinks I'm an idiot. Oh well.

Well, off to Monticello where we will spend in the night, then hang with the niece and nephews.

Thanks, Mrs. O and OBaby for a wonderful morning! Can't wait until next friday.

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