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Friday, October 2, 2009

addition to our house!

no, not a pregnancy... we got another cat! Meet Miss Taggart aka Dagny aka Micro Cat aka Peanut aka Meowenator. ;l...................... (that was courtesy of our first cat, Fjord - not too bad for feline typing skills).
She is 2.2 pounds of fearless kitten. She thinks she can take Fjord on. Sometimes she is right (typed as Fjord skitters spastically from her door out to the living room). She loves people and love Fjord. She would play all day if we let her. Fjord groomed her this morning for about three minutes. That was all she could take before batting him in the face and taking off like a bullet.

Tonight is my sister's birthday party. At our house. My house is messy. Thus, I need to go clean it.

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