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Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Hopes...

In hopes of hearing positive news on the job front (come March 16!), my sister and I got together today to start cooking our "freezer meals" to be stored and eaten on tired nights. We made (for three families): chimichangas, meatloaf, waikiki meatballs, and sloppy joes. Last night I made homemade chicken stock from a chicken carcass leftover from our rotisserie binge on tuesday.
While creating our tasty little meals, I was yukking it up with my sister. Wonderful observant chef that I am, I manage to hack off the side/tip of my middle finger on my left hand. That's what I get for not paying better attention to the proximity of the knife to my fingers. Whoopsie. Took 15 minutes to get the bleeding to stop. Thankfully sister E. is an ER nurse and told me I would be fine without stitches (despite being able to see my fat in the chunked off part). 7 band-aids later, I am now bloodied band-aid free. And yes, it is band-aid brand.
Now I'm eating a steak with a reduced red wine sauce. First it was undercooked (thanks guys!) and now I overcooked it. Lame. But it is still delicious.

Also was informed tonight that the student I tutor is "a good writer" (via his mother from parent/teacher conferences). Score one for the home team.

S. birthday is sunday, so tomorrow S., J., and I are going out to eat at Fogo de Chao. Yum!

Promise this will be the longest gap of posting. Because I do understand that some people like to read this blog as their evening entertainment. Or something like that? Break from work? Who knows.

Oh yes, did I mention that I am officially off dish duty due to my klutziness? Because I am. I am eating my steak and watching S. and J. clean the kitchen. I LOVE it...


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  1. Break from work. Mostly. If we're being honest here. So thanks for keeping me entertained!

    And OWWW. That sounds uber painful and my skin crawled a little just thinking about it. Youchers.