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Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Attempt

My sister and I went on a dress hunt. She is going to a wedding next weekend and had nothing to wear. After searching many stores and tying on numerous dresses, she decided on this Donna Ricco dress that is stunning. We then picked up some baubles at Express to complete the ensemble. She looks so classy in this dress, it is hard to believe that normally she is in scrubs. Thankfully, her job did come through so she is working in the ER. 
I think it would be terribly exciting to work in an ER, or potentially just terrible. Instead, I deal with a little baby who is growing and changing every day. He has taken this habit of making a 'bbbb' sound with his lips into a mealtime event. It is a habit that I am working on breaking due to the fact that every time he does that, I get sprayed with cereal and whatever the fruit/vegetable of the moment is. By the time I get off work, a shower is definitely in order - between diapers, mealtime, and spit-up during playtime (not to mention the fact that he is currently teething, and my knee a favorite chew toy to ease the gums) my pants are gummy and messy, and everything is in my hair. I do love my job!

Billy Joel and Elton John are coming here in May on their Face2Face tour. Tickets go on sale on Saturday and will be sold out with an hour or so of going on sale. I would love to go (especially because ticket prices are so cheap!) but I think I may have shot my wad on the Britney Spears tickets. April 4th can't get here fast enough! 

Currently Reading: The Four Temperaments
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