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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American idol round 2

Allison Iraheta #5: Alone
Definitely will make it through. If she doesn't this will be a travesty. She has a phenomenal voice that is so powerful, yet very controlled. She was amazing and Heart isn't easy to sing. 

Adam Lambert #12: Satisfaction
Also will make it through - range is great, although I would agree that his performance was a little "manic." Stones songs/performances often seem manic though, as do musical theatre boys. A performer's performer. 

Third slot will be a toss up... 
Megan Corkrey #7: Girl Put Your Records On
Good song choice, but seems extremely awkward and camera conscious. Pretty, but that can only get you so far.
Jesse Langseth #9: Bette Davis' Eyes
 have the 'bluesy' (to mimic Randy) voices... both single moms. I wish I could say I liked Jesse, seeing as she is from MN, but I couldn't understand half the things she sang other than "Bette Davis' eyes." Interesting voice but needs to work on her pronunciation.

Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle #4: Song?????
freaking hilarious, not a terrible singer, but shouldn't go on. Hopes he gets a job doing comedy somewhere. 

Mishavonna Henson #11: Drops of Jupiter
she has a very good voice, but is a little restrained and "forgettable." I really like her voice and I like the fact that she actually took the time between AI seasons 7 and 8 to work on her vocals - it goes to show she really wants this. I hope she makes it through, but it will be tough. Maybe in the WC round. 

Kris Allen #6: Man in the Mirror
I was surprised he chose a MJ song to sing, but surprisingly he did very well. I would agree that this is the most personality he has had. He's likeable and sang well. 

Matt Breitzke #8: If You Could Only See
Talk about a likeable guy. Both Breitzke and Michael Sarver (who got through last round) are just teddy bears. The problem I have with Matt is that this song sounded almost exactly like the Tonic version - impressive that he could do that, but last I checked, Tonic wasn't really in the market... ;) Also, I worry that he sounds a little too much like David Cook (winner AI 7) to win this year. 

I think the third slot will go to either Kris Allen, Mishavonna Henson, or Megan Corkrey. Personally, I'll be cheering for Mishavonna to go through. I think she has the best voice of the three and is the most 'marketable.'

As for the others... the performances were too heinous (Jasmine, Jeanine, and especially Matt Giraud... I was practically crying for Chris Martin.) or boring (Kai Kalama). 

My husband is telling me I'm a nerd for:
a) voting 
b) writing a blog
c) making that blog have an AI post

and yes, we are feeling better

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