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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skiing and Sickness

Considering my energy level is terribly low and the fact that I haven't updated in a long long time...

This past weekend (Th-Su) Spencer and I went to Colorado for some skiing in the mountains. It was a wonderful birthday present his parents gave us. While I did enjoy myself thoroughly, I must admit that skiing is a lot more work than people give it credit. It is not simply heading down a hill, letting gravity do the work for you, nor is it a matter of merely surviving the mountain. In the first part, if gravity is supposed to do the work, things don't go well. I speak from experience as I cracked my helmet going down the Mary Jane trail. Whiplash in the neck + broken helmet + overwhelming fear of death or disablement = a very terrible first day skiing. 
Friday things went better - I stuck to green runs and after skiing, I got a new helmet. (I noticed mine was broken in the morning so I wore Spencer's and he wore mine because, as he pointed out, "I'm not going to fall on a green run")
Saturday I got slightly more adventurous - took a few blue runs for fun in addition to the lovely greens. I hit a tree two times on Saturday. First hit was due to a slight miscommunication/misinterpretation: Spencer said, "Follow me" and I took it a little too literally. He meant to *generally* follow him... aka don't follow me in the trees. I took it literally and by the time I realized the grove of trees he went through was unfriendly, it was too late and my head (protected by a lovely new helmet that didn't crack) and a large tree branch collided. The second hit occurred as we were trying to take a picture on the top of the mountain. Trying to balance on skis while on the edge of the start of a trail is not very easy. I tried to regain my balance and stop skiing backwards, but it didn't work. My skis found some soft powder that had been clustered underneath a pine and I fell backwards underneath the tree. The guy who was trying to take our picture was laughing so hard. Spencer started laughing, and then I started laughing. 2 trees in one day... 
Sunday we skied some, I conquered my fear of Jane trail by forcing myself to go down it again. I didn't fall at all going down, but it was far from a fun experience. After skiing half a day, we loaded up the car and drove back to Denver. I slept the whole way. The flight back was pretty uneventful - mild turbulence. 
While Spencer and I waited for our bags, his dad (who had taken the trip with us) went to get his car. The car wouldn't start, (who knew it had been below zero while we were enjoying warm temperatures in CO?), he cut his hand, and then picked us up. We picked up the Mazda from the body shop (had some cosmetic repairs... don't ever ask me to back into a 1 car garage while there is another car parked close in the driveway and the garage is made of brick...) and got home around 11:15. Bedtime came after midnight, and work started Monday. 

Monday at work I felt very tired and sore. Got home from work and felt even more ill. Turns out I picked up a bug while on 'vacation' - most likely from the recirculated airplane air. Last night I was feverish, achey and slept in until after 1 today. Spencer called me to let me know he wasn't feeling well either and was coming home from work. 

We are now a very pathetic couple, both sick and lying in bed... hopefully tomorrow will be better for both of us.

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