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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jobs and Cats and Cars. Did I mention typhoid? Oh My!

So remember that job I briefly mentioned on here? Yeah, didn't materialize into anything other than the most standardized of all standardizations of form rejection letters. I was apparently the second choice candidate, which I think makes it even worse. What did the guy they hired have over me? Certainly not the 'ins' with the company. My father-in-law is their longest tenured sales rep (and quite successful if I may add). I really wish people could get past the "I-had-an-internship-for-writing-but-really-the-only-thin-my-resume-tells-you-is-that-I-can-raise-children" part of my resume. And I forgot to mention the "I-have-a-stereotypical-liberal-arts-degree-that-taught-me-how-to-think-but-you-can't-get-past-where-it-says-english-writing-major-because-it-doesn't-say-business-despite-the-fact-that-all-the-skills-you-need-for-a-job-you-learn-on-site-so-really-college-degrees-are-meaningless-unless-you-are-in-medicine-and-then-you-learned-it-on-site-during-your-practicum." Not that I'm bitter about being smart and unemployed. So I'm back on the hunt.

Cats are really entertaining little creatures. Since I am at home most of the time (see previous paragraph for explanation of why I now call my job title as "homemaker" on a product warranty card) I have really gotten to know my little kitties better. Dagny is so full of mischief and playful. Always willing to snuggle. Loud purr and cute trill noises after being left by herself. Fjord? Different story there. Affectionate and snuggly(after we were gone this past weekend skiing up north in -30* with the ski team S. coaches). Favorite place is perched in the front window watching the world and snowflakes and cars drift by. Can often be found where he isn't supposed to be (read: counters) licking the pan I haven't gotten around to washing (which was only from lunch, less than an hour ago... I'm not a slob. My house is immaculate because I am a homemaker!... ) He really likes macaroni and cheese. Or ham. Or rice. Or onions (despite toxicity to cats). Or bread. Or ______. He eats anything and everything. Then he gets sick. Not that he would ever have any access to food snivels because my house is immaculate.

So our 2000 Ford Taurus has been acting up for a month or two. It has no heat. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Which makes for some long cold drives. Especially the whole -20* thing. Without windchill. And then you have to scrape ice off of the inside of the windshield. While you are driving. Needless to say, this has made transportation difficult. It got sent to the mechanic yesterday and I am awaiting the "your car will cost five million dollars to repair" phone call. Oh did I mention the part about the engine temperature gauge constantly fluctuating and the permanently residing the the "your engine is dangerously hot" area of the temperature range? Yeah. It tries to tell me that it is really hot. But I know better. And so do my purple/red chapped hands that feel colder than dry ice and Oksana Bauel (Blades of Glory? Eh? Eh?).

We are renting out our basement to one of our friends. J. is going to China in a few weeks and has thus been taking the live typhoid vaccine. He has gotten quite ill with this vaccine, so pray that his body will fight off the infection and he won't be any worse for the wear. He has one more pill left to take (tomorrow night). So here's to hoping that his stomach will stop cramping tremendously.



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