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Sunday, January 10, 2010


So apparently the problem with the Taurus was quite simple. Idiotic but simple. It took our wonderful mechanic two days to figure it out, but by golly he did! Some moron wonderfully skilled person (I won't name company names) who changed my oil about a month ago decided it would be a great idea to fill my car up with water instead of anti-freeze. Let me say that again: Instead of anti-freeze my car was filled with water. Panic of having a totaled car has now passed. Oh, and for those of you complaining/grumbling/cursing the wretchedly cold winters here in this great state... thanks to the sub-zero temperatures my engine didn't explode/burn out/die while I was driving it to the mechanics. Had it been even five degrees warmer, it would have died on me. And then this would be a R.I.P. Taurus post. But it isn't. Instead, it is dedicated to the wonderfully skilled mechanic who realized that an unflavored slushie was making its way through my engine. Thanks, K! You rock.


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