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Friday, January 15, 2010

Princess Ballerina

I love hanging out with my niece. I think every year she is so wonderfully and fun and possibly couldn't get any more fun or adorable. But she does. Tell me this isn't the sweetest little princess ballerina face you ever did see?

I didn't think you could tell me otherwise. Oh. And please note that the tutu (that you really can't see) and leotard she is wearing was made by yours truly for her for last Christmas. Also please note that the tutu used to be really puffy and has been loved into smushed-ness.
We danced to princess music (Every Girl Can Be A Princess) and played with play-doh. It was really nice to spend some time just with her because her brothers and mommy were sleeping. We had a great time. I really wish I could have convinced her to since some opera. I was warbling with the best of them as I attempted to imitate (halfheartedly) Andrea Bocelli singing in Italian(?). C. merely thought I was crazy and was laughing at me as I held my stomach and belted out some syllabic mess, since I'm not fluent in Italian. She then told me to be quieter so I didn't wake anyone up. I think that was her way of tactfully telling me to be quiet and go back to stamping play-doh shapes that she described as "snazzy." Guess I can't win it all.

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